Starting out.

So you want to be a thief? It is not a bad life, on discworld, crime does pay. (crime also pays taxes, but that's another story)

Starting out in the Guild, a lot of things are bound to be new to you. As a thief, your ability to steal legally within Ankh-Morpork is not without restrictions or obligations. Optimizing your abilities is another area unique to every guild, and so is the use of those abilities.

A few words of advice to make your days as a new thief as smooth as possible:

1. Do not rush. Nothing good has ever come from rushing into a new situation. take your time or things will pile on you before you learn how to handle them properly.

2. Ask questions. Either on our talker channel or by asking another thief in private. A polite question is almost always treated with a good answer.

Remember those two points. I will come back to them , and there will be a quiz ;)