Since stolen goods are shunned by the more legitimate businessmen on discworld, thieves have their own underground network of specialised buyers to relieve them of their loot. These men and women are called fences, and can be found in various places around the disc.

Fencing stolen items can be done either to the fences, or directly to other people. The latter of these two options will be discussed at the bottom of this page, below the list of various fences. Keep in mind that the fences will try to cheat you on a good deal. The more you know about valueing your loot, the better price you can get.

Fences in Ankh-Morpork.

Shifty Jim, our most famed fence. (Mostly famous for having such a skewed idea of economics he hardly ever gives a fair price.) Located right inside the gates of the Thieves Guild, this man usually handles the business of other guilds as well as taking the loot from other thieves for a pretty penny. His flare for gems and precious stones has recently been changed to an apparent affection for clothing and armour. He probably attented a seminar or something.

Sol, the fence who takes his excersise seriously. Running around the Guildhouse looking for this guy is the reason why no thief ever needs to buy a stairmaster (tm). Tracking him down is worth your while though if you are looking for a good price on your jewellery.

Jak is your weapons-man, and as such, he is found in the violent part of the city, namely the Troll's Head bar, deep in the Shades. This place is not only dangerous to get to, but to enter. Once you reach a certain age and recieve a good standing with your guild the bar-dwelling trolls will know to leave you alone however.

Fences outside AM.

Dodgy Bill is the designated fence for our countryside branch office in Mad Stoat. Beeing lured there with promises of life in a huge mansion, this fence set up shop and has been accepting offers on weapons ever since.. I guess you can never have enough weapons when living in the countryside.

In the desert city of Djelibeybi, A man called Scrakkik endures both opressive heat and opressive government to give thieves a chance to fence their goods. Since his specialities are pretty much identical to shifty bills, rumours circulate that they are in fact long lost brothers.

A more recent addition to fencing breaks new ground and strikes a hole in the myth of this beeing an all-male profession. The lovely Tiffany Glitter has followed the apparent trend of fences outside the main city in specialising in clothes and armour. Sporting some of the most stylish armour since Anguas hammered breastplate, Tiffany makes for a good alternative to the male fences. She is also residing in a more convenient location, namely the Pekan Ford bar :)

The ragman of sto lat is a less than attractive character, but beeing the only fence in this city still brings some business his way, although most of his clientel tends to wear a clamp on their noses to keep the smell of the dark little hut he resides in at bay. It seems he has a special interrest in some forms of worn items, although I need to investigate further before I can make a precise statement on his speciality.

in genua there are to my knowledge two places to fence your illgotten gains. one high and one low, so to speak. One requires a certain reputation around town to accept you onto the premises, the other requires you to search out friends in low places. Beware of the local wildlife.

The counterweight continent has the dubious pleasure of housing Notorious Jones, an individual who prides himself in eluding, scamming and otherwise bamboozling the local port authorities. in addition to fencing various items, he is always looking for eager hands to carry various things past the noses of customs inspectors.

Fencing to players

This is in my opinion the interresting way of making money. Obtaining and selling objects to other people. While it requires no skills in the sense that is required with the fences, your social skills and ability to both provide a good service as well as getting paid for it comes into play.
In some ways, selling to other players is both more challenging, and rewarding. It also makes people remember you, should you ever need help with something they are experts at.