Guild locations.

Thieves Guild main office.

Ankh-Morpork is naturally the city where our guild has its base of operations. It is the only city on the disc where the Thieves Guild operates under law, and as such, we have managed to move up from a dingy little backstreet room to a quite impressive Guildhouse.

the vast structure contains both classrooms, a shop, a forge and of course the office where you pay your quota. The guildhouse also contains the office of Kordane, the one who teaches the different commands of our trade.
This is the first guild structure you will see as a new thief. Take your time to wander around it. Learn the basic layout and how you can use the different facilities. If things confuse you, remember rule nr 2. (this was the second part of the quiz, told you that you'd see this material again ;)

pekan ford office

Like all locations outside AM, the office in pekan ford is hidden from the casual observer. it offers the two services of joining the guild, and advancing your skills. It also has the distinct advantage of beeing close to the bar, where our newest fence Tiffany stands prepared to take your clothes off... erm, I mean she lets you fence them to you..

Mad Stoat

Residing in the upper neighbourhood, albeit on the lower levels, the Guild branch of Mad stoat features a fence in the form of shifty Bill, as well as a seedy bar and some other, more elusive qualities. A place well worth looking into for the travelling thief.


Located in such a hostile enviroment, the designer of the Djelibeybi guild office made sure that not only finding it was an adventure, but entering it aswell. In reference to occhams razor, the most obvious choice of entry would be the one on the ground floor however. The guild is located at the tip of a popular druid instrument, so to speak. It features an opportunity to both advance your skills and fence your goods. as well as offering the services of a small store.
The repeated requests for a pool on the roof have so far been denied, much to the dismay of thieves wanting to get their swimming abilities up in a somewhat safer swimming enviroment than what is provided by the nearby river.

Sto Lat

As with Djel, the city of Sto Lat dislikes the presence of criminals, in this case to a level that has forced the guild to go underground, literaly. Residing in the city sewers, behind a door marked with a warning any thief who has been to the desert city will respect and fear, a shady man provides the basics of what the thieves guild can offer. Sewer entrance can be gained either from the city streets, or by way of the feared jail dungeons.

Bes Pelargic

The city of Bes Pelargic has because of its seaside location and heavily trafficed port become a stronghold for smugglers. situated in a small office in the red triangle district, with only a discreet scrawl of thieves' cant to lead prospective members into the guild, a man called Notorious Jones has set up business for this part of the guild, but he naturally provides the basic services for all branches. Certain language skills seem to be required to fence things to this man who despite his Morporkian-sounding mane has gone completely native.


In genua, the word "underground" lives up to its name, or rather, down to it. Theres something to be said for a ruler that manages to introduce sewers to a city built in a swamp, and there is also something to be said for those who choose to take up permanent residence down there. Nothing polite however, so lets not.