"He who can modify his tactics in relation to his opponent and thereby succeed in winning, may be called a heaven-born captain." -Sun Tzu, The art of war.

Outside AM your stealing does not go on quota. The response to stealing is also the same as in AM, with some important exceptions.

The city of Djelibeybi, a desert city by the djel river is strict in its response against some of our activities. The regulators of this policy are the priests, who rule the city with ruthless efficiency.

No type of stealing seems to be safe in djel at the present time. A good rule would be not to practise these tricks of the trade unless you enjoy a trip to the more rural parts of the disc.

Shoplifting is the part of our trade which does come with a few exceptions.

If you shoplift from one of the stores the priesthood will be notified and the next time you are spotted by a priest or priestess on the streets of Djelibeybi you will be summarily caught and thrown out of the city into the surrounding wilderness, where the lions enjoy a steady diet of infidels. (on that note, it might be wise to remember that the killing of any priest or priestess will provoke a quick trip to the crocodile-infested river, as will the killing of a cat. Cats are considered sacred in this city.)

Stealing used to elicit the same deadly response as catkilling, but nowadays, there is a more mellow attitude towards thieves, making stealing in djel a lot less exciting. It also does away with the tradition of streaking through djelibeybi in your underwear while pilfering as many stores as you could before getting thrown in the river along with the other miscreants. People with a more adventurous lifestyle can still take this route by way of expiring a few holy cats between shoplifts. Its a shorter walk back to the city than the savannah, but requires more planning and skill.

Sto Lat

The city of Sto Lat is the hub of a small kingdom ruled with the more common kind of law compared to the somewhat unorthodox methods of AM. Sto Lat will do its best to bring criminals and murderers to justice, and both the Royals guards and the general population is vigilant to keep their city safe.

Stealing will not always be noticed, as the city of sto lat seem to lack the almost uncanny ability of the Djel priests to spot a miscreant. I have however found that a steal from a lone person or an empty shop is much safer than trying to steal from people in a group. In this city the citizens really seem to look out for eachother. Do however note that I have not been able to verify the exact manner in how and when criminals are brought to light, so be careful.

The punishment for stealing is jailtime in the vast dungeons of Sto Lat prison. Take your time to explore these if you manage to break out of your cell. The people arresting you are the Royal guard, tough people who are better avoided than confronted if freedom is the objective. fast feet and stealthy movement prove a good tactic.

Unlucky criminals have also reported that a trebuchet is sometimes used to teach miscreants the error of their ways.

Like all stable law systems, the city of Sto Lat knows the meaning of the word bribe. A city clerk might very well be convinced to make your wanted poster disappear.. for a hefty price of course.


Ohulan Cutash, one of the bigger towns outside AM has a more pacifistic and stoic approach to stealing. While seldom resorting to violence, one can expect a very non-cooperative attitude from the towns many merchants and shopkeepers once you get a reputation as a thief. This does however not stop us from beeing able to steal things altogether, but finding the merchandise can be a bit trickier.

For new thieves who have yet to master the skills of stealing unnoticed, reports indicate that a more violent approach can occur, both in the stealing and possible mistake of trying to sell stolen items to the OC traders. Be careful, and ready to get out if necessary.

Guild Premises

"So in war, the way is to avoid what is strong and to strike at what is weak." -Sun Tzu, The art of war.

Both in AM and djel there are stores located on guild grounds. Since the guildhouses are essentially considered to have the same status an embassy, The rules can sometimes differ from the general rule of the city.

In AM, the Assassins Guild take a very strong position against thieves, licenced or not. Any steal within the walls of this guild can prove quite lethal, Sometimes, it's downright impossible.

In Djelibeybi, the guilds are not subject to the laws of the city. Therefore the guild shops are safe to steal from. Make sure you know where they are located. The one exception here is again the Assassins guild who provide their own defense. A defense which is more lethal than the one provided by the priests in the rest of the city.

Note that these observaion are ones that I have figured out myself. I have no official validation for the Djel system and as such, a wise thief will try it out for himself in a careful manner before considering the information iron clad.

The above note is true for anything of which you are less than completely sure about. Never assume.

There are also shops which are simply impossible to steal from. These shops are often magical in nature and some of them are found within the Wizards Guild. Another shop which is of no use trying to shoplift from is the legendary Travelling Shop. Naturally, trying to steal from the shop in our guild in AM is also a futile effort.

The rule of 7P applies: Proper Previous Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.