Mimer has been a thief for a long time now. After arriving in Anhk-Morpork years before, he realised that while his trained profession, miming and street arts had been outlawed, all other criminals were evidently inlaws now... So to speak. This strange marriage between state and crime seemed odd, but after a few tours to the scorpion pit he pragmatically gave up his chosen trade and joined the ranks of the Thieves Guild.
Upon joining the guild, then situated in a small back-alley room, he listed his name only as "Mimer".

He keeps his face painted at all times, some say as a homage to his former profession, others say it is to conceal his face. No matter what the reason, no man or woman in the city knows his former name or identity. His Teachers soon became aware of an almost uncanny speed and agility in the young thief. A dextrous ability trained since childhood and honed to a fine edge surviving in the patricians scorpion pits left Mimer with an excellent potential for covert abilities, and training over the years has made him a highly successful thief.

The red tear running from his left eye goes in sharp contrast to the permanent black smile painted on his lips. At first glance it seems to be merely an odd twist to his facepaint, but those who have seen him in combat say that the blood actually rolls down his left cheek.

Despite his somewhat omnious appearance, Mimer is generally a good-natured and friendly character. He gladly helps out newcomers to the best of his abilities but also expects a certain level of courtesy and self-reliance from people.

Mimer has served the guild in various capacities over the years. He was an Assistant Guild Master under Chowmein, and later tried his hand at the role of Playtester. Currently, He serves as the Monitor Of Prowlers, overseeing the shenanigans of the most illustrious and handsome of specialisations.