Remember rule one? (See, I told you there would be a quiz.) Do not stress getting on a quota before you know what it means to have one. Before you pick up a licence from Kordanes office you are under no obligation to steal a certain amount, or to pay anything to the guild. Make sure you advance your stealing abilities to a level where you have more than just the ability to snatch before you pick up a licence. Don't rush!

"Fourthly the Way of the artisan. The Way of the carpenter is to become proficient in the use of his tools, first to lay his plans with a true measure and then perform his work according to plan. " -Miyamoto Musashi, The book of five rings.

Once you get a licence, you are able to steal in Ankh-Morpork legally. Try it without a licence and you will be in serious trouble.

Your quota is the maximum and minimum amount the guild expects you to steal every 12 hours. The clock is naturally only ticking when you are on Discworld.

Only steals made within the city of Ankh-Morpork counts on your quota. Your maximum and minimum amounts are determined by your guildlevel. The more accomplished thief you are, the more your guild expects from you.

Of the total amount stolen during your quota period, the guild takes 30%. This amount has to be payed to Artan (past the guards, one floor up and through the north door in the guild.) before the end of the period.

Your maximum and minimum quota, time left and how much you owe to the guild is all displayed on your licence. you can either "read" or "check" your quota to find all the information you need.