The thieves guild offers a range of different specialisations for its members. Once you reach a certain level you must decide what part of our trade interrests you the most.

Prowlers: Beeing good overall covert users, this specialisation represents the base of our guild knowledge. it's one flaw beeing the lack of a useful fighting primary, since thrown at this point is fairly useless. People can't hit what they cannot see however.

Cutpurses: Experts with their hands, these men and women personify the statement about the hand beeing quicker than the eye. They are also skilled with pierce weapons, slitting purses and throats with equal ease.

Safecrackers: A steady hand and a patient disposition is required for this particular branch. Masters off breaking into, and out of, the most precariously trapped doors and safes. They are not good fighters, and leave regular stealing to the other branches.

Smugglers: The Assassins guild are rumoured to know the price of everyones life. The smugglers know the value of everything else. Highly trained in both recognising the value of items and getting a good price for the loot, the smugglers do not train the actual techniques of stealing, but rather to get it safely to a fence. To ensure safe passage all smugglers learn how to handle themselves with a sharp blade.

Muggers: The muggers have sacrificed some of their manipulative and covert abitilies to gain greater skill in the area of combat. Skilled with both blunt and sharp weapons this particular branch draw those with perhaps a more violent disposition, and those who enjoy a good pie.