Stealing, our chosen trade. Within AM it is regulated by quota. outside AM the laws vary, but the quota does not apply. In short terms this means that once you reach a decent amount in stealing use your quota for stealing things you need and pay the 30% with the cash you make from stealing things outside the city limits.

There are of course different options here. People might want you to steal certain items inside AM and then buy them from you at a cheaper price than what was in the store. A good rule of thumb here is to charge around 60-70% of the store price, which will give you a 30-40% profit after paying the guild.

Making big money on quota is however not a very viable option. So steal something that either you or someone else needs instead of stealing something you will have to fence.

Now on to the details...


Methods of stealing

As thieves, our ability to take things from others increases with practise. As we get better, the means and methods of stealing become more diverse. I will here give an introduction to the different commands used.

Snatch: (oh cut it out, I can see you.. yes, you, in the back of the class. This is Stealing class, not Anatomy 101...) Snatching is the first form of stealing you will learn. It is a crude form of stealing, often leaving you exposed to the victim. The thing working in your favour is that they have to catch you, and snatching something when you're already moving away from them will give you a head start. Sometimes your victims will attempt to follow you. This particular feature makes snatch useful for setting up a suprise attack. As always, make sure you have your escape route planned before you start.

Steal: Taking carried items from an unsuspecting victim. In the case of npc, they don't carry much apart from money. If done correctly, the victim will never know what hit them. Of done incorrectly, you can be certain they will try to hit you. If you have the patience, stealing money to fill up your quota will save you the monenary loss which comes from fencing stolen items. This for those who want to make the most money from their quota, usually at lower levels. Unlike snatch, you can not plan your escape route at the same time as you make the steal. So looking for a way out before you try might be even more important.

Shoplift: This is the big money-maker. Stealing from the various shops found in almost every village and city on the disc can be highly profitable. Failing a shoplift will  commonly not provoke a violent response, it will simply mean you do not get the item. One of the more active responses to shoplift is found in Djelibeybi. where priests  take offence to people using five-finger discounts.

Filch: Unique to the Thieves Guild, this command allows you to steal anything from a person if you have the skill. Held weapons, worn armour or clothing, items carried in backpacks or satchels. In the Combat chapter I mention the use of stealing as a way of fighting like a thief. This command can be widely used for this purpose. As with the other stealing commands directed at people, make sure you have an escape route planned in the event that you get spotted.